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Perhaps somewhere along the process it was decided to atleast include the two that are most strongly linked to the season, thus retaining some exclusive content for the streaming service. Either way, disappointing as you say. These are almost like bonus features for those particular episodes. That would be pretty cool. But seeing as all of them so far are Discovery related albeit not just season 2 based , it makes the set seems somewhat incomplete.

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I hope they do eventually release all the short treks to dvd. They are needed for my Star Trek collection. I myself am a little surprised things are still released on DVD. Obviously there is still a market for it. Can be realistically able to showrun two high profile shows at the same time? Still this is a bit of a concerning news if you ask me.

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With regards to the Pike show I am actually not surprised. And yes Kurtzman taking another job IS alarming. That was exactly the reason Fuller basically left, he was doing too much with so many other shows. Of course Kurtzman has a lot more help and has show runners in place for all the shows although he is suppose to be running Discovery. I think you are right about Berman, I think sometimes he gets unfair slack from the fandom.

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At least he was a guy who tried to give every bit of his attention and energy to Star Trek after Gene Roddenberry passed and while he was in charge of the franchise. But I can recognize they all want to make a good product even if its no more than to fatten their pockets. But yes I get a lot of people just disagree with their style of Trek in general which I certainly felt with Discovery first season.

As for Berman he has lived Trek more than probably every other producer who was in charge of it combined at this point and really expanded the franchise. He seem really committed to what Roddenberry wanted even if some people question DS9 on that for the record I never did. But he ate and slept Trek like no one ever did and I doubt ever will. I know Kurtzman is doing a lot now, but I will be pretty shocked if he is still very involved with Trek in the next ten years. I have a feeling he will do enough to get the shows they plan up and running and then bail after a few years but just my theory.

Not to mention the classic Trek trope of a character exploring what it means to be human. It also sounds as though this is something CBS has been chasing for a while, and has been in development behind the scenes. Last, in the Kurtzman is a decent human being column, Jenny Lumet left her previous work under awful working conditions. He might change been rigid at times but at least he was dedicated and produced a lot of great Trek.

Yes diversity has always been a factor since the beginning of TOS, but the morality plays seem to be as important to them. The best Trek invited debate. DSC does not. The heart bus lost. This is the part that I tend to agree with. I wholeheartedly agree.

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Okay, price? I can never tell the difference between streaming and Blu-ray. Its probably something like seven or eight years old. Streaming is improving all the time though.

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It was only 5 years ago or so I could barely watch something on Netflix without buffering issues cropping up at some point. I barely ever have that problem anymore and internet speeds are going to keep improving a lot in the next few years. Whether streaming or watching on blu-rays, the quality is still very high and most people would not tell the difference. Very nice speeds, great video quality and I just enjoy I can watch any Star Trek show at any time on an amazing TV through all the streaming channels I own.

The physical sets are also for people who want to ensure that they will be able to see the product whenever they want no matter what happens to studios and contracts and streaming deals.

I see the difference and think it quite clear but not everyone does. But I still see a differnce. Still, I prefer to own a physical copy of my favorites like Star Trek. Enterprise into HD orbit. Compare Blu-ray prices online with Bluray Collections. Think of us as your private Blu-ray detectives, hunting out the lowest prices available for cheap Blu-rays from almost 40 entertainment retailers.

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